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To: Good People with Bad Credit Ratings!

Celebrating 33 Years of Business!!!

Carmel Credit and Financing Consultants, a credit and ID theft investigating and clearing firm, is proud to offer its initial consulting appointment to potential clients, free of charge...(in confidence of course).

Carmel Consulting takes the time to "get your side of the story" and proceeds to work the system for its clients.

Bad credit causes terrible hardship to "good people" that have not taken the time to challenge incorrect and unjustified posting by the sources.

Call: 847-392-6715
Email: OurLadyOne@yahoo.com
Carmel Credit Consulting
Address:319 South Main Street
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

About Us: What We Can Do

We have clarified credit so that clients could buy a car, a home, get credit cards and lower their interest rates. We have negotiated settlements with firms. We have frozen accounts so payments are posted to a final -0- balance.

Carmel Consulting offers the following services:

  • Free consultation on credit report analysis.
  • Free consultation on debt reduction report.
  • Administrative support to clear/update and challenge improper credit posting, I.R.S. liens, fraudulent use of name, social security and credit cards.
  • Handling un-authorized collection practices such as unfair, abusive, and harassing collection agencies.
All services subject to Federal Trade Commission rules and regulations as the law warrants.





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